Music Book: Mazltov! Jewish-American Wedding Music

Mazltov book cover

book cover

Music Book: Mazltov!: Jewish-American Wedding? Music
from the Repertoire of Dave Tarras?for Clarinet (Bb or C)
or other Melodic Instruments
Revised and edited by Joel Rubin
Mainz/London/Madrid/New York/Paris/Tokyo/Toronto:?Schott
Musik International, 1998
ISMN M-001-12146-0

Mazltov! contains detailed melodic transcriptions (with chords) from the acclaimed CD by Joel Rubin with the Epstein Brothers Orchestra (recipients of the 1998 National Heritage Fellowship), Zeydes un Eyniklekh (Grandfathers and Grandsons): Jewish-American Wedding Music from the Repertoire of Dave Tarras.

Also included in the publication is the first available detailed essay on ornamentation and other aspects of klezmer performance style (in English and German). While originally conceived for clarinet, the pieces can be adapted for any melody instrument and arranged for any instrumental combination. Mazltov! provides the best possible introduction to the music of the “King of Klezmer,” Dave Tarras (1895-1989).,39273,s.html