Shteygers (Ways): New Klezmer Music 1991-1994

Shteygers CD cover

Shteygers (Ways):
New Klezmer Music 1991-1994
(Trikont CD US-0207, Munich, 1994)

The first CD anthology of contemporary trends in new klezmer and new Jewish music. In addition to innovative groups like the Klezmatics, the New Klezmer Trio and Klezmokum from Amsterdam, the excursions into “Yiddish-Land” of jazz musicians like Don Byron and Branford Marsalis can be experienced. For the East Berlin ensemble Ahava Raba, Jewish melodies are just that starting point for inventive improvisations, and, last but not least, “noise guitarist” Elliott Sharp shows that klezmer has made inroads into the international avant-garde scene, especially the Radical Jewish Culture movement around John Zorn.

“**** 1/2 – a good survey of new trends in klezmer music
(Rolling Stone)

“This is probably the best introduction to the world of traditional klezmer as it is played today…”
(Ari Davidow, Shteygers (Ways):  New Klezmer Music 1991-1994

“Whoever is interested in the wide spectrum of this Jewish dance music … will have a hard time doing without these CDs, which are accompanied by comprehensive information about the music and its history as well as each individual artist”

“Documents the entire spectrum of Yiddish dance music with excellent productions”
(Stuttgarter Zeitung)

“two extremely interesting and commendable CDs … for music encyclopedic reasons to be strongly recommended…”
(Central German Radio)

“delicacies for the music-lover”

“a gigantic klezmer trilogy which gives a generous overview of the entire development of klezmer music”
(Saarland-Journal/Saarbrücker Zeitung)

Track List:

1. Original Klezmer Jazz Band/Easy & Breezy 3:56
2. Klezmokum/Der Gasn Nign 4:24
3. The Klezmorim/Oriental Melodies 3:15
4. Klezmer Conservatory Band/Foolish Freylekhs 2:04
5. Frank London/Full Moon, Ancient Waters 3:29
6. The Klezmatics/Fun Tashlikh 5:45
7. Ahava Raba/In the Footsteps of Bratzlav/Nign 6:15
8. Jeff Warschauer/Slow Hora for Those Who Wait for Freedom 2:31
9. Salomon Klezmorim/Sher 4:42
10. Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band/Agadot 5:23
11. New Klezmer Trio/Feedback Doina 5:07
12. Shirim Klezmer Ensemble/Seams 6:05
13. Don Byron/Voliner 4:07
14. Elliott Sharp/Stetl Metl 4:55
15. Branford Marsalis/L’Chaim 2:23