Doyres (Generations): Traditional Klezmer Recordings 1979-1994

Doyres CD cover

Doyres (Generations):
Traditional Klezmer Recordings 1979-1994
(Trikont CD US-0206, Munich, 1994)

The internationally acclaimed first CD anthology of contemporary klezmer recordings, Doyres was on the prestigious Quarterly Critics’ Choice list of the German Record Critics’ Award in 1995. Features not only the early protagonists of the American klezmer revival such as The Klezmorim, Kapelye, the Klezmer Conservatory Band, Andy Statman and Zev Feldman, and the Joel Rubin Klezmer Band, but also the legendary “King of Klezmer,” Dave Tarras (1895-1989) and the late clarinetist Max Epstein (1912-2000), both of whom represent an entire century of Jewish-American musical history. New York “club date” musicians like Ray Musiker, Danny Rubinstein, Howie Leess, Sid Beckerman and Pete Sokolow comprise the last generation of players who learned their craft as wedding musicians directly from the masters of the eastern Europan shtetls. The Hungarian group Muzsikás and the Ukrainian Brass Band from Vinnitsa present what remains of Jewish music in today’s Eastern Europe, and Moussa Berlin displays the beauty of the Middle Eastern-influenced Israeli Hasidic style.

“This is probably the best introduction to the world of traditional klezmer as it is played today…”
(Ari Davidow/ Doyres (Generations):  Traditional Klezmer Recordings 1979-1994

“Whoever is interested in the wide spectrum of this Jewish dance music … will have a hard time doing without these CDs, which are accompanied by comprehensive information about the music and its history as well as each individual artist”

“Documents the entire spectrum of Yiddish dance music with excellent productions”
(Stuttgarter Zeitung)

“two extremely interesting and commendable CDs … for music encyclopedic reasons to be strongly recommended…”
(Central German Radio)

“delicacies for the music-lover”

“a gigantic klezmer trilogy which gives a generous overview of the entire development of klezmer music”
(Saarland-Journal/Saarbrücker Zeitung)

Track List:

1. The Klezmorim/Bucharest 2:35
2. Zev Feldman and Andy Statman/Gypsy Hora and Sirba 4:17
3. Dave Tarras/Opshpiel far di Makhutonim 4:18
4. The Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra/Another Glass of Wine 4:46
5. Kapelye/Moldavian Hora 3:01
6. Joel Rubin with the Epstein Brothers Orchestra/No Name Sirba 3:30
7. Klezmer Plus/Husid’l Medley (trad; arr. Peter Sokolow) 4:29
8. Klezmer Conservatory Band /Dovid, Shpil Es Nokh Amol 2:42
9. Joel Rubin Klezmer Band/Ot Azoy! (trad; arr. Rubin), 5:09
10. New York Klezmer Ensemble/A Doinele 2:34
11. The Epstein Brothers Orchestra/Hora and Sirba 4:59
12. Musa Berlin/Meron Arabesque 4:22
13. Rubin & Horowitz/Shabes Nign 3:57
14. Muszikás/Greeting of the Bride 3:45
15. The Ukrainian Brass Band from Vinnitsa/Freilik 3:08
16. Chicago Klezmer Ensemble/Oy, di Kinderlakh! 3:09
17. Kapelye/Unzer Toyrele 3:11
18. New Shtetl Band/Oy Tate•Serbe Romanya•Lebn Zol Palestina 5:13