Yikhes: Early Klezmer Recordings 1911-1939 from the collection of Prof. Martin Schwartz

Yikhes CD cover

Early Klezmer Recordings 1911-1939
from the collection of Prof. Martin Schwartz
(Trikont CD US-0179, Munich, 1991/1995)

The internationally acclaimed original CD anthology of historical klezmer recordings, Yikhes was on the prestigious Quarterly Critics’ Choice list of the German Record Critics’ Award in 1992 and was named CD of the Year by Bavarian Radio in 1991.

Featuring historic recordings by klezmer virtuosi Naftule Brandwein, Dave Tarras, Joseph Moskowitz, Abe Schwartz and others.

“contains everything that one needs to know about klezmer music”
(Die Zeit)

“Simply the best on the subject! … This absolutely unique documentation … has become the standard work for anyone interested in coming to terms with the development of klezmer

“perhaps the most informative CD-booklet of the 90s”
(Journal, Munich)

“a prototype for modern, meaningful and tasteful CD packaging
(Bavarian Radio)

“a milestone for a serious understanding of this unique musical tradition”
(Neue Musikzeitung)

“an example that the results of historical music research do not need to remain buried between the covers of books, but … can serve to inspire contemporary culture”

“… can serve anyone interested in klezmer as a standard collection … Both the introduction to klezmer music as well as the detailed explanations to each piece and musician gripped me until the last word”

“… a marvelous document from a musicological point of view”
(Prof. Amnon Shiloah, former Chair of the Department of Musicology, Hebrew University Jerusalem)

“Thanks to you today’s youth and that of generations to come will receive an important impression of this tradition.”
(the late Teddy Kollek, former Mayor of Jerusalem)

“a rare documentation of Klezmer music”
(Dr. Eliyahu Schleifer, Professor of Sacred Music/Director of Cantorial Program, Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, Jerusalem)

Track List:

1. Naftule Brandwein/Rumenishe Doina 3:03
2. Yenkovitz & Goldberg/Yoshke Fort Avek 3:19
3. Naftule Brandwein/Vi Tsvey Iz Naftule der Driter 3:13
4. Josef Solinski/Romanian Fantasy, Part 4 3:21
5. Naftule Brandwein/Naftule Shpilt far dem Rebn 2:48
6. Max Leibowitz/Yiddish Hora – A Heymish Freylekhs 3:23
7. State Ensemble of Jewish Folk Musicians/Jewish Dance 2:35
8. Belf’s Rumanian Orchestra/Yikhes 2:53
9. Naftule Brandwein/Heyser Bulgar 3:06
10. Dave Tarras/A Rumenisher Nign 3:05
11. Leon Ahl/Doina 3:01
12. Joseph Moskowitz/Buhusher Khusid 2:53
13. Mishka Ziganoff/Galitsyaner Khusid 3:11
14. Abe Schwartz/National Hora, Part 1 3:47
15. Raderman’s and Beckerman’s Orchestra/An Eyropeyishe Kolomeyke 2:50
16. Naftule Brandwein/Der Ziser Bulgar 3:08
17. Belf’s Rumanian Orchestra/Simkhas Toyre 2:30
18. Naftule Brandwein/Naftule, Shpil Es Nokh Amol 3:17