Joel Rubin, Hungry Hearts: Classic Yiddish Clarinet Solos of the 1920s

Hungry Hearts CD cover

Joel Rubin
Hungry Hearts:
Classic Yiddish Clarinet Solos of the 1920s
(Schott Wergo SM 1615-2; Mainz, 1998)

Currently out of print

Originally released as an audio cassette under the title Brave Old World on the now-defunct label Global Village (1988)Joel Rubin Brave Old World cassette cover, Hungry Hearts was recorded in 1986 and 1988 in New York and Berkeley and is a document of the spirit of cultural awakening, joy and vitality which characterized the first decade of the American klezmer revival. In the Joel Rubin Klezmer Band, Rubin brought together present and former members of Kapelye, The Klezmorim and the Klezmer Conservatory Band to create the first “all-star Klezmer Band,” as one critic wrote enthusiastically at that time. With the magical expressive quality of Rubin’s clarinet and the vibrant energy of the accompaniment, these performances generate an atmosphere which makes Hungry Hearts still one of the most beautiful recordings of eastern European Jewish instrumental music to date. Band members became founders of the pioneering klezmer revival band, Brave Old World, as well as of Veretski Pass.

“A klezmer classic … an important album to have in one’s collection
(Jewish Herald-Voice)

“Rubin is meanwhile the undisputed mentor of the American New Klezmer Revival. And rightly so, as proved by Hungry Hearts, on which Rubin is accompanied by leaders of the genre. In contrast to many … attempts to approach klezmer in an innovative way, here one finds ‘soul.’ No academic demonstration of virtuosity, but rather a natural, living music which obviously imparts as good a time to listeners as it did to the musicians themselves”
(Westzeit 7/98)

Joel Rubin, clarinet in Bb
Michael Alpert, violin
Stuart Brotman, string bass
Hankus Netsky, piano
Lisa Rose, tsimbl
Moishe Yerushalimsky, trombone

Track List:

1. Lebedik! (Lively!) 6:20
2. Bukovina 3:54
3.Ot Azoy! (That’s the Way!) 5:13
4. Rumenishe Doina 6:36
5. Gasn Nigunim (Street Tunes) 5:31
6. Mazltov der Shviger (Congratulations to the Mother-in-Law) 7:40
7. Kale Bazetsn (Seating the Bride) 3:23
8. Rumenishe Nigunim (Romanian Tunes) 4:29