Rubin & Horowitz Bessarabian Symphony: Early Jewish Instrumental Music

Bessarabian Symphony CD cover

Rubin & Horowitz
Bessarabian Symphony: Early Jewish Instrumental Music
(Schott Wergo SM 1606-2; Mainz, 1994)

The classic recording by Joel Rubin and Josh Horowitz that has influenced much of contemporary klezmer since its release in 1994, with its early music approach and focus on eastern European repertoire. Rubin & Horowitz create an intimate kaleidoscope of sounds which evokes the original beauty of the instrumental wedding and celebratory music of the eastern European Jewish world. The tone of this unique recording is set by the brilliant high register of Joel Rubin’s C clarinet, together with the ethereal tsimbl, the Jewish hammer dulcimer, and the Budowitz accordion from 1889, both beautifully played by Josh Horowitz.

“a major document of the so-called ‘klezmer revival’ … Both the repertoire and the performances … are well-researched, serious and elegant. … Much more than a reproduction of a corpus of old recordings, it can serve as the best available introduction to the Old World klezmer Repertoire”
(Walter Zev Feldman, Ethnomusicology)

“very pure … authoritative” (Wall Street Journal)

“A specific, fresh and authentic-sounding rendering of klezmer, which will have a serious influence on the revival of this music”
(Professor André Hajdu, winner of the Israel Prize 1996)

“Go out of your way to find this recording”
(Jewish Herald Voice)

“clean as a whistle … a more differentiated sound than is possible in a large ensemble. If you tire of the big-band sound prevalent on many klezmer recordings, this CD is a welcome antidote”
(Sing Out!)

Joel Rubin, clarinet in C
Joshua Horowitz, 19th century button accordion and tsimbl

Track List:

1. Dobriden excerpt 2:46
2. Kolomeyke 3:37
Dem zeydn’s tants (Grandfather’s dance)
3. Dem zeydn’s tants 2:27
4. Fun tashlikh 1:34
Doina Medley
5. A yidishe doina (Rubin) 3:50
6. Gershfeld’s gas nign 2:42
7. Mitsve tants 2:13
8. Rabinovitsh’ freylekhs 1:59
Shulem (Peace)
9. Shulem (Horowitz) 2:40
10. Shloimke’s skotshne 2:35
11. Shabes nign (Sabbath melody) 4:02
Az du furst avek (When you leave)
12. Az du furst avek 3:24
13. Buhusher khusid 3:24
14. Belf’s khusidl 3:11
Mazltov (Congratulations)
15. Mazltov (Rubin) 1:09
16. Crimean Melody 3:02
17. Karliner nign (Melody of the Karliner Hasidim) 2:20
18. Chabadsker nign (Melody of the Chabad Hasidim) 2:35
19. Epstein’s sirba 2:35
Bessarabian Symphony
20. Improvizatsye (Improvisation) (Horowitz) 4:42
21. Dobriden (Good day) 4:00
22. Sadagurer khusid 3:42
A gute nakht (Good night)
23. A gute nakht 1:39
24. Gurevitsh’ dobriden 2:07
25. Hasidic Waltz 2:13
26. A yidishe honga 2:31