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Hearing Israel: Music, Culture and History at 60

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Joel Rubin and James Loeffler, editors
Proceedings of the international academic conference
“Hearing Israel: Music, Culture and History at 60”
Jerusalem: Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology (peer-reviewed, online journal) Vol. 7 Number II (2008-09)

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Jüdische Musiktraditionen book cover

Jüdische Musiktraditionen

Sunday, June 10th, 2001

Joel Rubin / Rita Ottens
Jüdische Musiktraditionen:
Musikpraxis in der Schule, Band 4
(Jewish Musical Traditions: Music Practice for Schools, vol. 4)
ISBN 3-7649-2694-3
BE 2684
ca. 144 pages with CD
Gustav Bosse Verlag
, Kassel, 2001

Klezmer is fashionable and often is used as a synonym for the numerous and very different Jewish musical traditions that exist across the globe. Admittedly, it’s an inadequately restrictive viewpoint which neglects other Jewish musical traditions. Jüdische Musiktraditionen by the ethnomusicologists Joel Rubin and Rita Ottens is intended for use in music education in the schools, but is also of interest for a general readership. Here, liturgical music traditions, differences between Ashkenazic and Sephardic traditions, Hasidic nigunim (songs of spiritual elevation) and Yiddish songs, songs of the ghettos and resistance fighters, as well as Israeli popular music are discussed. Step by step, with notated musical examples and an instructive accompanying CD with musical examples, a veritable cosmos of musical traditions is unveiled, offering a view into Jewish life and thought over the centuries that is too little known. more...

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Thursday, June 10th, 1999

Currently out of print.

Klezmer-Musik is not about the current klezmer revival in America and its followers in Europe, but rather about the musical tradition of the klezmorim and their culture, which developed in eastern Europe as a way of life within a society governed by Jewish religious customs. The result is the collective biography of the klezmer musicians of eastern Europe and their immediate successors, told from the perspective of the musicians themselves. For the first time, the roots of klezmer music in the Jewish religion, its originally magical function and its place within the medieval folk beliefs of the Ashkenazic Jews of the Rhineland are described. With a multidisciplinary approach combining elements of ethnomusicology, historical musicology, Judaic studies, comparative religion and literature, history, sociology and cultural studies, it was possible to reconstruct the complex developments in traditional klezmer music and to show its path over generations and continents. Klezmer-Musik is the result of over ten years of interviews and research in the United States, eastern and western Europe and Israel. Joel Rubin’s scholarly research as an ethnomusicologist and his practical work as a performing musician – in particular with the Epstein Brothers and Pete Sokolow, and Israeli hasidic musicians – opened the doors to a world which enriched the authors’ research and made this book possible. more...

Kol Rino. Die Stimme des Jubels (The Voice of Jubilation), I-III

Wednesday, June 10th, 1998

Joel Rubin and Rita Ottens
Kol Rino. Die Stimme des Jubels
(The Voice of Jubilation), I-III.
Jüdische und israelische Musik in der Schule. Handreichung für den Musikunterricht

(Jewish and Israeli Music in the Schools. Manual for Music Instruction)
Berlin: Ministry of Schools, Youth and Sports, 1998

Not commercially available

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Music Book: Mazltov! Jewish-American Wedding Music

Wednesday, June 10th, 1998

Music Book: Mazltov!: Jewish-American Wedding? Music
from the Repertoire of Dave Tarras?for Clarinet (Bb or C)
or other Melodic Instruments
Revised and edited by Joel Rubin
Mainz/London/Madrid/New York/Paris/Tokyo/Toronto:?Schott
Musik International, 1998
ISMN M-001-12146-0

Mazltov! contains detailed melodic transcriptions (with chords) from the acclaimed CD by Joel Rubin with the Epstein Brothers Orchestra (recipients of the 1998 National Heritage Fellowship), Zeydes un Eyniklekh (Grandfathers and Grandsons): Jewish-American Wedding Music from the Repertoire of Dave Tarras. more...