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Jüdische Lebenswelten/Patterns of Jewish Life: Highlights from the Concert Series “Traditional and Popular Jewish Music” Berlin 1992

Tuesday, June 15th, 1993

Jüdische Lebenswelten CD cover

Jüdische Lebenswelten/Patterns of Jewish Life:
Highlights from the Concert Series
“Traditional and Popular Jewish Music” Berlin 1992
(Schott Wergo SM 1604-2; Mainz, 1993; 2 CDs)

Currently out of print

In 1992, as part of the cultural program to the milestone museum exhibition Jüdische Lebenswelten/Patterns of Jewish Life, Rubin and Ottens invited some of the most important contemporary Jewish musicians to perform in Berlin. The 8-concert series offered the fascinated public a glimpse into the rich and varied Jewish musical traditions of past and present generations: secular and religious, Sephardic-Oriental and Ashkenazic. The legendary Epstein Brothers from Florida gave their sensational European debut; Seymour Rexsite and Miriam Kressyn, the last great stars of the Yiddish film and stage, charmed the audience with gems of the Yiddish Theater; klezmer revival pioneers Brave Old World represented the music of the younger Jewish generation in the USA with concerts of klezmer music and Songs of the Ghetto Lodz; two concerts of Sephardic vocal traditions were dedicated to the memory of the expulsion of the Jews from the Iberian Peninsula 500 years before; the beauty of the Ashkenazic liturgy was conveyed by three cantors with a personal connection to the German-speaking world; and Piamenta demonstrated with the characteristic spirituality and zealousness of the Chabad movement that orthodox popular music from Brooklyn, New York is one of the most dynamic movements in contemporary Jewish music.

”Nothing like this has been done before – not to?this depth”
(Derek Reid, Folk Roots)

“… a whirlwind tour of the ‘real thing,’ spanning continents and generations. Patterns of Jewish Life demonstrates that Jewish musical traditions are alive and thriving, not as nostalgia to be consumed in small portions, but as a satisfying feast offered up by artists who live their musical traditions”
(Adrienne Cooper and Alicia Svigals, Jewish Currents)

“What is to be heard and experienced is not only of value for its high standard of documentation, but also for the rare music which it contains”
(Die Zeit)

“offers every curious listener a musical journey of discovery … which is just as entertaining as it is educational, interesting and important”
(Neue Zeit)

Brave Old World (USA): Klezmer Music and Songs/Songs of the Lodz Ghetto

Epstein Brothers (USA): Klezmer and Hasidic Music

Seymour Rexsite and Miriam Kressyn with Zalmen?Mlotek (USA):
The Golden Age of Yiddish Theater

500 Years of Sephardic-Oriental Mysticism and?Liturgical Song: Five Traditions from Israel

Cantors Naomi Hirsch (USA), Marcel Lang and?Bernhard San (Switz.): Ashkenazic Liturgical Song

A Treasury of Judeo-Spanish Folksongs:?Four Traditions from Israel

Piamenta (USA/Israel): Hasidic Rock Music

Track List:
CD 1:
Brave Old World

1. Keshenev 6:08
2. Zaro khayo 7:31
3. Tayere Odessa (Dear Odessa) 5:27
4. Doina/Vayl ikh bin a yidale (Because I am a Jew) 5:38
5. Vus bisti ketsale broyges? (Why are you angry, Pussycat?)/Vinter 1942 – Ghetto Lodz 6:20
6. Nor zorgt nisht yidn (Just don’t worry, Jews)/Kemfn (Struggle) 3:44
The Epstein Brothers
7. Chassidic Nigunim 5:34
8. A yidish lidale (A Yiddish song) 4:42
9. Hungarian Medley 3:55
10. Russian Sher/Epstein Nign 4:45
Seymour Rexsite and Miriam Kressyn with Zalmen Mlotek
11. Excerpts from “The Golden Age of Yiddish Theater” 22:3

CD 2:
500 Years of Sephardic-Oriental Mysticism and Liturgical Song

1. High Holiday Liturgy 8:14
2. Jerusalem-Aleppo Bakkashot 5:55
3. Moroccan Bakkashot 5:25
Ashkenazic Liturgical Song
4. Peh lahem 3:55
5. Modim anachnu lach 4:49
6. R’tzeh 4:14
7. V’af hu hoyo mischaven 4:11
8. Chasde hashem 3:17
A Treasury of Judeo-Spanish Folksongs
9. Romances 5:35
10. Life-Cycle Songs 3:16
11. Holiday Songs 5:36
12. Love Songs and Humoresques 4:06
13. Simon tov u mazltov 5:04
14. Chassidic Wedding Dances 6:34
15. Lecha dodi 3:49